How to do drop down in Excel

Learning how to do drop down in Excel will help you create macros, use macros in Excel, manage workbooks and other related functions.

These are very useful for making the most of your time. I you have never worked with macros, then they can be very confusing at first.

In this article, we will explain how to do drop down in Excel; we will look at how to use the drop-down menus, define macros, and use other useful features of Excel.

How to do drop down in Excel?

How to do drop down in Excel is to press the CTRL + D combination; this will display a drop-down menu that allows you to select cells, specify the destination folder, and the size of the drop-down list.

When looking at a range of cells, you will use the drop-down menu to select the range. If you want to select multiple cells, then you can select more than one range.

You can add a selection option to select all or some of the cells

Similarly, there is an additional selection option and a drop-down arrow to choose the range of cells. This option is only available on the Range selection tool. You can add as many selections as you like. The same holds for dropping down an image selection. You can select multiple images and have them drop down into the document path.

How to do drop down in Excel with the visual editor

To learn how to do drop down in Excel using the visual editor, you first need to be familiar with using the visual editor.

Various tools are available, including the drop-down menu, the visual table, and the auto fit wizard. With these tools, you can create tables, drop columns or enter complex expressions.

The visual editor provides the means to do various functions and tasks. Some of these functions will be explained here, like how to do drop-down in Excel.

You can drag and drop items on the worksheet.

When you are dragging an item, it is the lower-left corner of the selected item that is being dragged. Selecting this option will indicate to Excel which item should be dragged.

This is also useful when you need to group some data and group related items or data into one spot. You can select this option from the shortcut menu.

When you drop down a value or cell in Excel, the value will automatically move to the specified location. To do this, you use the drop-down menus and the Move Down option.

You can also use the drop-down menus and the AutoFit option to automatically position the selected range of cells at a specific location. Once you select an item and move it to a location where it is not visible, a message will appear stating where the item should be placed.

The other way of how to do drop down in Excel is through the shortcut menu

When you click on the shortcut or double-click on an item, a menu will appear with several choices. Select the Drop-Down option, and the data will automatically appear in the specified location on the worksheet. When you select a range of cells, the message indicating the location and the data will appear.

Finally, if you have not saved your file and try to open a workbook, and if the file does not already exist, you can choose to create a new workbook or set up a temporary workbook. Go to How to do exponents?

If you would like to know how to do drop-down in Excel, you can always ask your instructor for help or get more information on the internet.

Always keep in mind that you need to practice proper procedures so that you can avoid any error that can potentially cost you time, money, and even the integrity of your business. Following these tips on how to do drop-down in Excel will help you master this vital tool.


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